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Clearly, legalizing marijuana doesn’t eliminate these racial disparities, and, in the worst cases, it perpetuates them. Marijuana legalization doesn’t automatically redress the injustices of decades of criminalization. But with the right legislation—focused on reinvestment, social equity, and accountability—it can. That's because almost all of the available research on legal marijuana comes from the first six months after legalization, he said. The industry in many provinces and territories looks very different now than it did then — both in terms of the commercial availability of cannabis and the range of cannabis products available. To consent and proceed, click "Continue to Site." In addition to MORE, other measures to legalize and deschedule marijuana have been proposed, as have bills addressing different aspects of legalization from banking to veterans access to research. link.

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That’s likely because Quebec’s Legault government has adopted the strictest stance on edibles in the country.

No. GET YOUR CARD Once a patient has initiated their application online, their QMP must log in online to the EVS and complete their section of the patient’s application, which includes the recommendation for medical cannabis treatment.. Beverages could contain only 5mg of THC per package and cannot use ‘any other substance intended to modify the smell, flavor or color of the cannabis extract.’ I saw a Cookies opening in Toronto this weekend, congrats. Most of the time when you purchase a plant from the store, it’s planted in compost in a plastic pot.

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Travelers returning to the United States are barred from bringing cannabis with them because the sale, possession, production and distribution of marijuana remain illegal under federal law. 10% discount available to all UBC Students!Click here to see our daily deals.

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